About Us


Our Story

Fairhands Accommodation and Care Services is relatively a young brand, founded in 2018 we started off operating from the family home garage as Adorable Care Services. After a strategic re-brand, Fairhands became a registered NDIS provider in 2021.

As a family business, each director brings over 35 years combined working experience from a range of fields including: disability support, human resources, social sciences, psychological sciences, business, and compliance. The range of backgrounds and passions across the board drove the expedition into the NDIS. Our combined experiences exposed us to the stark reality, that is the systemic denial of the autonomy and individuality of people living with disability. So, we decided to become a part of the solution- to join the agencies that are bridging the gap between the needs of people living with disability and the quality of the services catered to them.

What makes us different is that we are driven by setting the standard for respectful and ethical service delivery, that our clients can trust. Our unique service delivery approach was founded by the anecdotes of NDIS participants, our approach is to respect all people living with a disability, to trust that people with a disability have the power in their hands, and to provide ethical care.

We are proud that Fairhands can prioritize the voice and individual choices of people with disabilities, supporting each to live to their full potential.

Our Secret

Respect. Trust. Fairness.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an innovative organisation, delivering transformative services that improve the quality of life for people living with a disability.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to provide trustworthy high-quality care that enriches the daily life of every person with a disability by promoting independence and a life of fulfilled potential in an ethical way.

Our Values 

    Our values are carefully selected to reflect the founder director’s passion and dreams: - Helpful, Integrity, Excellence, Reliability, Responsibility and Servant Leadership.

    Our commitment is to acknowledge the First Nations Australians and people with diverse backgrounds including CALD and LGBTQIA+ community. Providing a safe environment and being respected by all.




    We follow through our promises




    Be open, honest & fair to our participants while being respectful and trustworthy




    We take initiative and total accountability to do our part for our environment and social impact



    We deliver high quality services by going the extra mile and prioritizing on consistent and never-ending improvement



    We make a passionate difference through empathy and by taking the time to listen and build great relationships


    Servant Leadership

    We lead by example as we collaborate and partner with participants for great results

    Our Goals

    To use the best practice standards to support our participants

    To be transparent in our services and be trusted to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do

    To look out for opportunities within the community and commit ourselves to be the leader in making a difference in our community lives

    To use a participant led response to ensure that we use a system that best meets their needs and the business needs

    To uphold the participant and ensure that they utilize their choice and control in everything we do

    To develop and motivate our people to enable them to perform optimally and meet our clients and shareholders goals