Five Common Challenges for People with a Disability

Living with a disability comes with its challenges, but with the right supports in place those with a disability can overcome their obstacles and live a dignified and rewarding life. Sometimes the challenges experienced by those with a disability are not easy to see, and in this blog post Fair Hands Care services will be sharing five common challenges which support workers recognise and assist clients in overcoming on a daily basis. 


For able bodied people, access to venues, goods and services comes easy. For those with a disability it can be a very different story. Many who live with a disability have limited mobility and may rely on a wheelchair or crutches to get around. A lack of ramps, obstacles in the way, narrow spaces or poor access to lifts are just a few of the challenges which may limit a differently abled persons participation in public life. Through ongoing education, support and recognition of these challenges, mobility can be improved. 

Attitudes and Perceptions

Those with a disability at times experience discrimination, prejudice, stigma and stereotyping which can limit their participation in public life. It is often very difficult to understand what living with a disability is like, and this lack of understanding can perpetuate myths and stereotypes which can only be combated through education and public awareness campaigns. 


Communication takes place in many forms. From reading through to speaking, writing, hearing and understanding there are a number of potential challenges which can make communication an issue. Disabilities are wide and varied, but some of the most common communication difficulties include a lack of large print (for those with vision problems) and lack of captions (for those hard of hearing). 


Many people with a disability are eager to contribute to their community, but sadly many are overlooked when applying for positions. Thankfully, there are now government initiatives and a wide range of supports available to assist the disabled in finding a suitable position. Support workers are more than happy to assist with the application process, accompany clients to interviews and more to give them the best chance of securing suitable employment. 

Social and Community Engagement

It is important that those with a disability feel a sense of belonging within their local community. Without the right supports in place, barriers to personal growth and happiness can emerge due to a lack of social connection and community. Support workers enrich the lives of clients by providing access to group and centre-based activities, as well as the provision of transport. 

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